Congratulations, dear customer!

You clearly understand our product very well. As you may have already considered, it has very big potential for brand and event marketing. For example, when 10, 20, or even as many as 100 people wear this backpack on the street and display the same company logo or animation, this could be enough to attract press and online media to spread the news.

People are tired of boring, traditional advertising. This product would be the best advertising initiative! We can also print logos to make company branded backpacks. Unified Brand Image…

We are the manufacturer, not the promoter. We just want to sell a bunch of products and find the right customer who can bring this product to life…

We have some ideas to share with you:

1. Customer groups:
a, Students who have better creativity and will have all kinds of novel ideas and new tricks for the backpack.
b, Young people who like trends and will be more daring to try new products and wear their own personality on their backs.
c, Business owners who intend to make their employees carry backpacks with a unified image. At the same time, this backpack can also broadcast business information that companies need to promote with company logos, slogans, etc. This may be more attractive and effective than spending money on commercials in newspapers or TV channels. (For example, Nestlé, UBS, Zurich, Rolex, Swisscom, ABB, Credit Suisse, Roche, Swiss Re, etc.)
d, The public welfare team who only need to carry it when they are traveling and can convey opinions and ideas to the people around them.
e, News media, societies.
f, Political campaign team.
. . .

2. Content and themes to be presented
a. Holiday themes: New Year’s Day, Easter, Labor Day, Ascension Day, Spiritual Day, Eucharist Day, National Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, etc.
b. Public welfare and volunteer work: Red Cross, fundraising, charity, volunteer work, health and society, environmental protection, racial equality, immigration, etc.
c, Political ideas, etc.
d, Various commercial themes, etc.
. . .

3. The occasion where the product can be used: a place full of people.
a. Airports, bus stations, railway stations, parks, shopping malls, stadiums, art galleries, museums, schools, churches, business districts, etc.
b, Sports meeting (indoor, outdoor)
c, Various music festivals such as rap, rock, reggae, chorus, and classical concerts.
d, The parade.
e, Birthday party. . .


If you need some display materials from our company, you can write an email to support@biosledbackpack.com. Materials shall be sent to you as an attachment, but please note, they are for reference and personal use only, not commercial use. We are not responsible for commercial infringement of images. If you are asked by the copyright owner of the original drawing to stop using it, please comply with the commercial rules and stop using it immediately. We encourage our clients to be creative and imaginative and use their own original material.
Now, we will take PIX4 as an example to explain how to use it better. For this playing LED display panel, you need to know it very well in order to make a very good display effect. There are a few points you need to pay attention to:

1. The pixels (resolution) of the backpack PIX4 is 128 points high * 96 points wide, so the resolution of the picture you send to it for playback is preferably a point-to-point display. Although the display is a bit blurry when viewed up close, it is visually effective when viewed from a distance. Therefore, the resolution of your customized playback material pictures must be 128 points high * 96 points wide.

2. The static picture format is preferably JPEG or JPG. When the picture resolution format is 128*96, the picture is only a few kilobytes (KB), and the transmission process only takes a few seconds; if the picture size is too large, the resolution is too high, reaching a few megabytes (MB), it will affect transmission efficiency, and high-resolution pictures will not enhance the display effect, because the resolution on the backpack is only 128*96. You must understand this well.

The dynamic picture must be in gif format. Similarly, the resolution needs to be reduced to 128*96.
The software for editing pictures generally uses Photoshop, which is very simple to operate. There are just a few simple steps. We have recorded a screenshot video for guidance, if you need it, please send an email to support@biosledbackpack.com with the title “Need material-making video guidance from BIOSLED”.

3. The background of the played picture is recommended to be black for two reasons. The first reason: when the playing background is black, the LED lamp bead is turned off, which saves power; on the contrary, when the playing background is pure white (when R, G, B reach the highest brightness), it consumes the most power. The second reason is that when the background of the picture is black, the contrast is the best. The colorful picture seems to be integrated into the backpack and feels more harmonious.

In order to increase communication efficiency and improve service quality, please scan the QR code to add our WhatsApp Business account, or directly add it through the account number +86 1733654 5293.


Your advice is very important for us, We thank you in advance!

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