B-PROE | BIOSLED Backpack| Screen Resoluton 64*64 Pixels

B-PROE BIOSLED Backpack, Screen Resolution 64*64 PixelsB-ProE Smart Backpack is a LED Backpack, it’s a third-generation LED Display Backpack product from BIOSLED, and it is currently the most cost-effective and popular product. Its LED screen has a resolution of 64*64 and 4,096 pixels in total which all adopt high-end RGB full-color LED display chips that makes the display colors are more real and vivid.


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The LED backpack is more than a bag. It’s an expression of who you are, what you like, where you work, and more. And now, you can bring that expression into the digital age. Introducing the BIOSLED, a dynamic LED display backpack.

Students and young people can keep up with trends by customizing them with text, pictures, and gif animations. It’s great for school, nights out, sporting events, airports, malls, music festivals, birthday parties, public transit, museums …… anywhere you want lots of people to see your unique personality. Plus, using the BioSled is super simple! Just download the free LED Space app to control it, you can easily play your customized pictures, text, and gif animation.
Use it to create holiday themes like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, New Year, and more, or to show your sports allegiance, support political candidates, bring attention to public welfare issues, and more.



  • 100% Authentic & New Product
  • Credit Card and Apple Pay accepted
  • FedEx/UPS/DHL Worldwide Shipping
  • SSL-Encrypted Secure Checkout
  • Color LED Display
  • NFT Friendly
  • iOS/Android App
  • Images, GIF, QR Codes
  • Water Resistant
  • Fits a 15″ Laptop

NFT lovers, the BIOSLED Backpack with a programmable display was made for you. Unleash your creativity with the backpack’s app for both iOS and Android, and display animated or static digital art, QR Codes, messages, and much more.

Wearables are here to stay and to walk with you. Easy to use, this unique LED Backpack uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled mobile app to control its LED display and start showing off NFTs, GIF animations, static images, QR Codes, texts, messages, graffiti art, etc.

More than a wearable walking billboard, the LED backpack allows you to express yourself by showing art, images and customized messages while on the move.

The LED screen is powered by any external power bank (not included). Connect your power bank with the internal USB charging port, then connect your mobile phone to the backpack via Bluetooth and use LED Space app for iOS or Android. Most fully-charged power bank can last for 8-10 hours of images and photos being displayed on your back, and a single mobile phone can control multiple backpacks at the same time.

The interior is well divided with a compartments for you mobile phone, tablet, computer, hard disk, and a USB interface to keep your stuff well organized and easy to reach. The exterior is made of waterproof material, which makes it perfectly fine to use on rainy days or in bad wether. The backpack also features adjustable shoulder straps made with premium mesh fabric for superior back support and ventilation.

Item Model NumberB-ProE
Screen Resolution64*64 full color LED pixel screen
Pixel PitchP3.75
Backpack size30*13*43cm
Screen size25*25cm
MaterialOutter: High-Quality Nylon Composite Waterproof Fabric (Abrasion-Resistant), Internal: Polyester
SizeWidth: 30cm x Height: 42cm x Side: 13cm
Capacity17 Liters, 15′ Laptop
Power TypeUSB charging port (Portable Power Bank Not Included)
Water ProofingWater-Resistant (Rain, Snow, Moist, Mist, Droplets, Splashes). Not to be submerged into water
Power supply modePower Bank
Rated voltage5V/2A
Communication methodBluetooth/Bluetooth
Image animation sizeSupport  64*64 pixels
Program supporttext/picture/Gif animation
Single package volume32*9*42cm
Packing weight/piece1.4KG (including product)
Box volume6 pieces/box: 63*47*51cm
Box weight6 pieces/box: 7.6kg (including bubble bags)
Individually packagedLarge box volume of 5 / box: 49.5*33.5*46cm
CartonWeight Individually packed 5 boxes/carton: 8.1KG


How can I charge it?

The LED Backpack is powered by a USB Power Bank (not included) that you carry inside of it. Besides powering the display, the power bank can also be used to charge your mobile phone and other accessories that you carry in the backpack.

Can I display GIFs and animations?

Yes. The mobile app (available for iOS and Android) allows you to draw, create or convert static or animated images to be shown on the backpack’s display. You can also choose from a wide variety of ready-to-use emojis, icons and animations from app’s artwork gallery.

Is it water proof or resistant?

The LED Backpack is fully water resistant. You can safely use it on rainy days or under any kind of weather condition including snow, but you cannot submerge or use it inside water.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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