B-Charity Plan Photo Wall

B-Charity Plan Photo Wall is an online photo wall that put all the kind-hearted BIOSLED customer’s or his/her beloved one’s photo on here to support the international charity activities here together with BIOSLED

Rules for B-Charity Photo Wall

  1. Register on our website to become our customer. 
  2. Upload text or pictures or gif animations that are related to the international or your own country charity topics or from our topics to your BIOSLED backpack (The Backpack can be yours or you can borrow from your friend but must be a backpack from BIOSLED).
  3. Take clear pictures and pick the best one send to us through the right info box or our support@biosledbackpack.com.
  4. We encourage creative pictures and videos, your videos will be uploaded to our official TikTok channel.
  5. The pictures or videos you upload to us will be regarded as your authorization and permission, allowing BIOSLED to do related commercial and non-commercial publicity, but we will not pay you any commercial expenses and remuneration.

I want my picture on B-Charity Plan Photo Wall

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