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PayPal is our main retail collection channel because it is one of the safest online payment methods in the world. It is committed to protecting the interests of consumption. If you do not receive the goods, you can easily appeal on PayPal and issue a refund. To avoid losses.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also use your credit or debit card to pay through PayPal checkout to ensure the safety of your funds.

In addition, for bulk orders, we can also collect payments through Western Union, T/T, etc.

Yes, for sure. Our online store has installed an SSL certificate to protect the privacy of our customers. The SSL certificate allows the website to implement encrypted transmission, which can prevent the user’s private information such as user name, password, transaction records, and residence information from being stolen and tampered with. For example, installing an SSL certificate on an e-commerce website can effectively protect the security of the username and password you submit when you log in to the e-commerce website to pay.
Please note that no one in our company, including the webmaster, can obtain your payment password and security information. All payments are made in the secure channel of PayPal.

No, we will not deduct this money from your order. You only need to place the order normally. This money is deducted from our profits for the purpose of repaying society and enhancing the company’s sense of social responsibility.


Your order may be subject to import duties or taxes when the shipment reaches your country. Tax fees may vary depending on the country the order is shipped to. Each country/state has its own threshold after which taxes will be applied. Please contact your customs office for specific amounts and percentages.

Please note that our store cannot control and is not responsible for any duties/taxes applied to your package and will not cover any additional charges for customs clearance. In rare occasions, customs agents may delay delivery of some packages.

International Trade Policy: Starting from July 1, 2021, corporate customers in EU member countries are required to provide an IOSS number before shipping.


We provide 2 shipping ways for options while you check out: Standard shipping & International express delivery. Regarding the bulk orders’ shipping, please contact our sales representative for a discussion.

Standard Shipping— Free.
It will take 7-12 days shipping from our factory to the USA and Europe on average, but also depends on different countries’ efficiency of terminal transportation and different season, usually, the peak season and holiday season will take a little longer.

For countries that have very close international trade with China and developed trade routes, it usually takes a relatively short time. For countries that have little international trade with China, or have relatively high tariff barriers, or in some relatively isolated ocean islands, the transportation time of goods will be relatively long, generally taking 20-30 days or even longer on average.


International Express Delivery—Charge
The courier will be DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT, we will choose the fast one that is suitable for your country. Shipping time will be 4-7 days on average, it will also be affected by some irresistible external factors, such as peak procurement seasons, extreme weather, pandemics.

The shipping fee depends on the size, weight, and location.

Under normal circumstances, if the order is placed before 4 pm (16:00) GMT+8 zone time, we will arrange the delivery on the same day. Orders placed after this time may require +1 day to process. If orders placed after 4 pm on a Friday may not be processed and shipped until the coming Monday.


Orders received on  national holidays in China will be processed on the first working day after the holidays.

Please send email to support@biosledbackpack.com or contact our WhatsApp Business account at +86 173 3654 5293 for help ASAP.

Shipping address change service will free of charge if the parcel(s) not handled to the courier, some international express shipping company will charge amount of fee for change the delivery address.


Yes, our backpack materials are all water repellent, but they cannot be soaked in water.

Yes. The BIOSLED Backpack is made out of a flexible material, which makes it unsusceptible to major physical impact. You can hit, bend or drop the backpack and the animation won’t be disrupted. Although, please don’t strike it with an ax or the hammer.

Will NOT. No. Because the power bank needs to go through a special transportation channel and the shipping cost is high, we will not put a power bank in the parcel(s). Please prepare your own power bank before receiving the goods.
The power bank has no special requirement, most of the power banks that are for phone charges will work, the only requirement is the output must be DC5V 2A.

① Make sure the App LED Space version is up to date.
② Make sure both devices’ setting right. Phone: Open the Bluetooth/ Wifi open status. Backpack: the power bank is on and 5V 2A.
③ If ①②was done still not, then disconnect the power bank from the backpack for 3-5 minutes and reconnect again.
④ If still cannot fix it, please contact support@biosledbackpack.com.

Because ① the led display on the backpack pixels is 64*64 (B-Pro,Sling Bag) or 96*128 pixels (B-PIX4, B-MAX), dots to dots display will obtain a better display performance. ② A picture resolution 64*64 or 96*128 image size only 5-6KB, this will improve the upload speed and save the backpack controller’s storage room.

Due to the limited resolution of the display, it cannot support the display of too many picture details. Therefore, materials with thick lines, simple patterns, and simple text are the best.
You can see that the materials in our APP material library are made according to this principle.

First of all, save your power bank energy, a background is off for all the led pixels, inverse, a white color on the led display needs all the led pixels light up with the highest brightness.
Secondly, you will find that a black background display content is more harmonious with the black backpack, if you don’t think so, you can have a test and compare, anyway, this is an advise, you have your own choice.

Yes, we do. For simple one and QTY less than 3 pictures/client/Month, we will do it for free, delivery time is 24 hours, will send to you through email.
For QTY exceed 3 pictures or need to delivery within 12 hours or at once, will charge.

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