B-Charity Plan From BIOSLED

A small backpack screen can be used not only to show your creativity and personality but also can show your love, sense of responsibility, and justice for this world.


Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the population in some impoverished areas is facing more severe challenges. When we enjoy life every day, do we notice these special vulnerable groups?

What they need is not only the attention of the news, but the food here to maintain their survival. When we look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Black Friday of the shopping spree, what they look forward to is very simple. In addition to being full, there are no other extravagances…

So we hope to be able to use practical actions to help these people. The following is a brief introduction to the activity. We do not have professional personnel to organize this activity. We hope to get the guidance and support of the love and understanding of the world:


1. When you bring your backpack to a public place or attend a party, you only need to play the charity picture, text, or logo on the screen of your backpack for 30 seconds or 10 seconds/time in a carousel* 3 times.

2. Ask your friends to take a photo or take a short video, upload it to social media, and add a unified tag  #BCharityPlan

3. You can send us pictures or videos. We don’t mind if you show people or things related to you in pictures or videos, such as your pet, your business, etc., as long as your pictures or The video is positive and does not violate any national laws and ethics. We will put it on our B-Charity Plan Photo Wall for free.

Share Your Thoughts Help Us Do Better with B-Charity Plan

No matter you are a web influencer, Office worker, or writer, programmer, artist, or even a student, you can join us and affect the people around you…

If you have more good ideas, you can apply to become the administrator of our event, responsible for the organization and development of the event.
Looking forward to your self-recommendation!

We have more ideas but we looking forward to hearing from you, too.

Write to us now →


1. The first phase of the plan is to support WFP.ORG, the WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME.

2. Project Period: Starts from October 15, 2021, to October 14, 2022, after then will start to join another programme for other world charity projects.

3. What will we do? 5$ WILL BE DONATED TO WFP.ORG FOR EACH BACKPACK SOLD, this fund will be transferred WFP official account directly through our PayPal account through this page:

4. Donation Time: The first donation time will be on November 30, 2021, and the next donation will be on all the end of the month. If encounter a holiday, we will donate on the first working day after the holiday.

5. Executive supervision: We are currently recruiting 5 volunteers from the global plan to supervise our work. You are required to have a certain degree of social influence and credibility. If you want to apply, please fill in your information and self-recommendation letter, and we will screen and evaluate.

6. Customer spokesperson: In our BC-influencer (BIOS Charity Influencer) program, every user of our backpack has the right to join our program. The most basic requirement we put forward is: In the carousel picture of your backpack screen, Put a WFP (World Food Programme) logo or relevant eye-catching text (please note that we will provide some pictures and text data for you to use), the picture or text needs to be set to stay for 30 seconds. You can also make your own ideas on this basis, take pictures or videos, put them on your social media, or send them to us. We will make an online photo wall to show everyone the event.

B-Charity Plan BIOSLED
B-charity plan wfp-logo-standard-blue-en

PHASE 1: Oct15, 2021 ~ Oct14, 2022

The WFP Official Website: https://www.wfp.org/

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